How to update vas 5054a Diagnostic Tool firmware
Auto Diagnostic Tool / 26/06/2017

How to update vas 5054a Diagnostic Tool firmware Here you go mate, what fantomel posted long time ago regarding VAS 5054A firmware update, incl. how to upgrade, where to replace firmware. First, THANKS fantomel for this.   Download vas5054a firmware update fix: (by Fantomel)!MSIj1aJJ!XDWayKXbrN8fTqogwoA_26ECIMYCctHl11zUKB6Rdrg If your vas 5054a head does not have AMB2300 BT Module then you will have a problem with firmware newer then 1.20.020 To fix this and make it work you must replace after install of package these files from 1.20.020 to your current version for odis-s 2.2.3 and 2.2.4 C:\ODIS-DIAG-MODULES\PDUAPI\VEN-SOFTING\1.20.023\VeCom\VAS5054 for odis-s 2.2.6 C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.029\VeCom\VAS5054 for odis-e 6.2.2? C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.023\VeCom\VAS5054 for odis-s 3.0.0 C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.034\VeCom\VAS5054 How to update vas 5054a firmware: How to tell a good VAS 5054A Bluetooth by PCB: There are two types of Bluetooth modules with vas 5054a scanners High-quality 5054 with Good Bluetooth module A   Common vas 5054a with Normal Bluetooth module B   Tip: using 5054a via bluetooth connection The diagnostic base system can access the VAS 5054A via Bluetooth. After a connection via Bluetooth to the VAS 5054A has been set up, the Bluetooth software provides a virtual serial COM port (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). The…

How to recharge CK100 key programmer tokens?
Car Key Programmer / 23/06/2017

How to reset/add token off the CK100 key programmer as token limit reached? Follow the instruction below. CK100 key programmer, the next update version of SBB key programmer, is a token required key programmer that can program keys via immo and read pin code. CK100 comes with 1024 tokens in default. Token consume rate differs from vehicle to vehicle. The only way to add/reset token after used up is to replace the chip within the device. Because CK-100 doesn’t support the tokens recharge online, you need to change the board to get new tokens after running out of the tokens. You first need to order AT89C51CC03U NXP Fix Chip (Item No: SK117-S). The board including 1024 tokens, directly replace your old board with the new one, your CK-100 device will have 1024 tokens again. If you do not know how to replace the chip, you have another option to send back your CK-100 main unit to us. Our engineer will replace the chip for you. NOTE: The chip only works with CK-100, not work with SBB. There are 4 versions of the CK100 and price keeps coming down. The first version is the true working version CK100 V45.02. It covers most vehicles…

Kess v2 Ktag v1.93 FREE download on Mega

Free download Ktag/ Kess V2 software Ksuite v1.93, which can solve: – error “Tool is not updated” – ktag/kess not working with gray buttons   Part 1: Kess v2 Ktag v1.93 download on Mega!f8xQGLRA!8ZNod0YLAI-bY0rezjpthlBxyg-lzMSWnZCBoreCUuY Working ok with: SE87-D: V2.28 KESS V2 Firmware V4.036 SE80-B: KTAG Firmware V6.070 KSuite V2.1.3 SE80-D: V2.13 KTAG KTM100 FW V7.003 Suitable for the ktag/kess v2 QC mark ends with numbers“015” Not suitable for other kess or ktag programmers. If you try on other version, hold no responsibility for your try.   Part 2: How to solve Kess v2 error “Tool is not updated” Here is the error message when running ktag. kess v2ACHTUNG: Tool ist nicht aktualisiert. PC mit Internet verbinden und Software erneut ausfuhren (kess v2 CAUTION: Tool is not updated. Connect PC to the Internet and run software again)     Here you go…. Change another laptop / use another USB cable for reflash by J-Link,disconnect internet connection, re-install ksuite software and driver. Run again the Ksuite software.   If it doesn’t work, download ksuite v1.93 above. It will work as usual.   Part 3: How to solve Ksuite not working with gray buttons Ktag/kess v2 not working with gray buttons after…

What’s the difference KTAG V7.020 vs. KTAG 7.003 vs. KTAG 6.070?
KTAG / 22/06/2017

What’s the difference KTAG V7.020 vs. KTAG 7.003 vs. KTAG 6.070? Which ECU types are newly supported? Check below KTAG V7.020 Ksuite V2.23 screenshots! In general, KTAG 7.020 add more than 100 ECU protocols newly supported. Here you are going to download the KTAG K-suite 2.23 car& ECU list: Some screenshots of KTAG FW 7.020 Ksuite V2.23 new ECU protocols: BDM 68K (CAT ADEM III, etc)   BDM HC12 (Continental Siemens VDO, etc)   BDM HC16 (DENSO 21175, etc)   BDM MPC5XX (BOSCH EDC16/16+, BOSCH EDC7, BOSCH ME9/9+, etc )   BOOTLOADER M32R (DENSO 21175, etc)   And KTAG Firmware 7.020 PCB Board for checking:       ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 ==================================        

How to Install SDD V143 for Jaguar Land Rover diagnostic
Auto Diagnostic Tool / 22/06/2017

JLR Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover JLR PRO Introduction: Model name:JLR pro Software Version:V145 Update:By link Car Models:for Jaguar and Land Rover Languages:Multi-languages Functions:Diagnostic interface Connection:By OBD2. Computer requirements:Better is XP JLR Mangoose SDD V143 is verified working well and available at WWW.AUTOCARDIAG.COM SDD V143 compatible hardware:  JLR Mangoose (SP116) JLR Mangoose Pro (SP205) VXDIAG VCX NANO for Land Rover and Jaguar (SP240) DA-VINA 2534 J2534 Pass-Thru Interface (SP202) VCM 2 (SP177-G, SP177-FB, SP177-E) SDD V143 software free download:  SDD V143 comes with 3 DVD’s, the CD’s is 99% Executables (.EXE) and a Frozen software to get license key. If you get the CD broken, don’t worry, just browse Download only these files: SDD 143.00_FULL.exe VDF_JA_143.exe VDF_JV_143.exe VDF_LA_143.exe VDF_LV_143.exe SDD_143.01.exe SDD_143.02.exe SPA_143.exe (Note: With these files you can’t install yet, you need additional “Driver for MangoosePro_JLR” and license key.) JLR Mangoose Pro SDD V143 Setup Instruction: OS requirement:  Xp system or XP Mode in Windows 7 (Step-by-step instruction: ), or vmware XP in windows 7 Installation Tips: Tip 1: Disable both local area connection and wireless connection network, otherwise antivirus software will say virus possibility on the license key software. Tip 2: Firstly install software then driver then freeze software, finally to test diagnostic function. About freeze software and how to do if the software expire?  JLR SDD V143 is offline trial version, the software will expire within one day. The freeze software has to be installed within one day to freezethe software and can be used all the time. If you didn’t install the freeze software within one day, you will get prompt saying the software has expired, the solution is to reboot the computer, enter the computer BIOS settings, reset the computer date/time to the day before the trial period. Take Dell D630 laptop for example, press “Power” button then F2 button, then enter BIOS – Date/Time, reset the date/time to 2015-12-7 7:36:12 PM.   Overview:  Part 1 Install SDD Part 2 Install VDF_JA Part 3 Install VDF_JV Part 4 Install Additional Pinpoint Tests Part 5 Install SDD 143.01.001 Part 6 Install VDF_LA Part 7 Install VDF_LV Part 8 Install J2534 MongoosePro JLR Setup Part 9 Install software for MongoosePro JLR J2534 Interface Part 10 Run JLR SDD Part I1 Install Deep Freeze Step –by – step procedure Part 1 Install SDD Open My Computer>>143-1(F:), to copy “Driver” “DF5td” “DFStd_KEY” to Desktop. Open “SDD143.00_FULL”. Select setup language to continue. Click Yes to restart your computer. Click Next. Installing… Click Next for installing SDD. Select “I accept… agreement” and click Next. Tick on “I have read and understand…” and click Next. Destination: click Next. Languages: click Next. Click Install to begin installation. Installing SDD… Click Next to install M0XA UPort 1110/1130/1150 Windows Driver. Destination location: click Next. Start menu folder: click Next. Click Install to begin installation. Installing M0XA UPort 1110/1130/1150 Windows Driver. Click Finish for installation of M0XA UPort 1110/1130/1150 Windows Driver. Go on installing SDD… Click Finish when successfully installing SDD and restart your computer. Part 2 Install VDF_JA Open My Computer>>143-1(F:)>>VDF_JA_143. Choose setup language. Installing… Click Finish after successfully installing VDF_JA. Part 3 Install VDF_JV Close all the interface, and reopen My Computer>>143-2(F:)>>VDF_JV_143. Choose setup language. Installing… Click Finish after successfully installing VDF_JV. Part 4 Install Additional Pinpoint Tests Open My Computer>>143-2(F:)>>SPA_143. Prompt: Additional Pinpoint Tests will be installed as a background task. Click OK. Installing Additional Pinpoint Tests…. (wait for about 1 hour) Click Finish after installing Additional Pinpoint Tests. Part 5 Install SDD 143.01.001 Close all the interface, and reopen My Computer>>143-3(F:)>>SDD 143.01. Click Yes to restart your computer. Installing SDD 143.01… Click Finish after installing SDD 143.01.001, and restart your computer. Part 6 Install VDF_LA Close all the interface, and reopen My Computer>>143-3(F:)>>VDF_LA_143. Choose setup language. Installing… Click Finish after installing VDF_LA. Part 7 Install VDF_LV Open My Computer>>143-3(F:)>>VDF_LV_143. Choose setup language. Installing… Click Finish after installing VDF_LV. Part 8 Install J2534 MongoosePro JLR Setup Close all the interface, and open “Driver” on Desktop. Right click drivers for MongoosePro JLR for Install. Click Next. Click “I accept…agreement” to go on….

How to install KTAG Firmware 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 software on WIN XP?
2017 KTAG 7.020 , KTAG / 22/06/2017

KTAG FW 7.020 Introduction: Model name:Ktag FW 7.020 Software Version:2.23 Update:By link Car Models:For trucks ,heavy duty,boat… Languages:Multi-language Functions:Ecu Programmer Connection:By OBD2. Computer requirements:XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 how to install Ksuite 2.23 software for KTAG FW 7.020 with step by step! Better install it on Windows XP   Note: Before install, please disconnect the internet connection. Below installation guide is only used for KTAG Firmware 7.020. P.S. Two kinds of KTAG 7.020 to choose: Same function, same token unlimited. Only Difference is appearance look KTAG V2.23 FW 7.020 Master with token renew button   KTAG FW 7.020 ksuite V2.23 with token renew button   KTAG FW 7.020 ksuite V2.23 with token renew button How to install KTAG Firmware 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 software on WIN XP? Unzip KTAG Ksuite 2.23 software then run Ksuite 2.23 setup.exe. You will see a “License Agreement”. Choose “I accept” and click “Next”, click “install”.   During Ksuite 2.23 installing process, you will see “Microsoft Visual C++ 2005” agreement. Click “Yes” to accept all items and go on. After that, you can see KTAG Ksuite 2.23 software information: Improved checksum error for family 532 (FIAT MARELLI MM8GMK SPC564A80 CAN) Added new file type for family 535 (MAZDA DIESEL DENSO RENESAS…

V2.23 Ktag FW 7.020 new features
2017 KTAG 7.020 , KTAG / 21/06/2017

This is the installation guide of Ktag FW 7.020 Ksuite ecu programming software 2.23 master version. V2.23 Ktag firmware 7.020 new features: 1- More languages available KTAG fw 7.003: English, Italian, Portuguese KTAG fw 7.020: English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Deutsch, Spanish   2- More ECUs and cars can be tested with KTAG fw 7.020 adds 100+ ECU types and supports new car models e.g. Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276 ECU, Toyota 76F, etc.   3- Better wiring description Ktag master V7.020 displays diagrams in words, not pictures   4- Runs faster and more stable   The important note- there are two versions of Ktag firmware 7.020 with different PCB design: Version 1: Ktag 7.020 with item no. SE135 (HOT) Version 2: Ktag v7.020 firmware with item no.SE135-B   Ktag firmware 7.020 not only differs from PCB design but also ktag software installation.   This is the ktag v7.020 (SE135) installation guide: This is the ktag v7.020 (SE135-B) installation guide:   Ktag 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 Windows 10………..need LUCK Ktag 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 Windows 8………..need LUCK Ktag 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 Windows 7…………Confirmed! Ktag 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 Windows XP…………Confirmed!   For detailed installation instruction of v2.23 ktag fw…

Ktag Firmware 7.020 Read Opel Insignia EDC17C59 ECU
2017 KTAG 7.020 , KTAG / 21/06/2017

Ktag Firmware 7.020 Introduction: Model name:Ktag 7.020 Software Version:2.23 Update:By link Car Models:For trucks ,heavy duty,boat… Languages:Multi-language Functions:Ecu Programmer Connection:By OBD2. Computer requirements:XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 This is how to use Ktag V7.020 firmware master version ecu programming tool to read,EDC17C59 ECU from 2013 Opel Insignia, including EDC17C59 and ktag ksuite cable connection/pinouts. Here you go. Ktag fw 7.020 clone is working with EDC17C59 ECU   Select the model   Ktag v7.020 master clone warnings, notice, recommendation, instructions   EDC17C59 connection instructions   Direct connection   EDC17C59 and cable pinouts Pin 5, 46 — red— +12v Pin 2 — black — ground Pin 66 — white — CAN-H Pin 65 — green — CAN-L Wire soldered to the two pins —- gray with alligator clip — BOOT Soldered wired — blue with alligator clip — CAF1   Select the plug-in you need   Ktag firmware V7.020 is reading EDC17C5919   EDC17C59 ECU reading successfully       ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 ==================================  

Kess V2 5.017 China With K-suite 2.23 software features No need disconnect internet
KESS , KESS 5.017 / 21/06/2017

Kess V2 5.017 China With K-suite 2.23 software features No need disconnect internet Kess 5.017 Firware is New V2.23 Kess v2 master china. Unlimited Tokens Kess V2 5.017 With K-suite 2.23 software. Kess 5.017 Firmware With K-suite 2.23 software features No need disconnect internet. Kess v2 5.017 China V2.23 Kess V2 Master Unlimited Tokens Kess V2 5.017 Firmware No need disconnect internet   Kess v2 5.017 China V2.23 Kess V2 Master Unlimited Tokens Kess V2 5.017 Firmware No need disconnect internet This Kess 5.017 Firware is the latest firmware 5.017 Kess v2 ecu programming tool.  Kess v2 5.017 from is fully open to all protocols including DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 gearbox, it is running 2.32 Ksuite and there are no grey protocols. Kess V5.017 Firmware kess v2 v2.32 is unlimited tokens, it can be used with internet on and without any worry. Pcb have all parts of original device from factory, not reworked by hand!   What’s diffierence between KESS 5.017 Firmware and Kess v2 firmware 4.036?   For more details information, welcome to Add my Whatsapp (+86-13476108995) or Skype Marshall.obd2) if you have, Your Private Secretary in Car Repair Area! 16 Hours Online at your Service!…

How to install Carprog full 8.21 online version?
Carprog / 20/06/2017

How to install Carprog 8.21 online version? Part 1 – Carprog 8.21 activation & installation Establish a new folder named “8.21” on Desktop Copy all the files in carprog 8.21 DVD disk (E:) to the new folder “8.21” on Desktop   Open “Carprog v8.21” application Send the hardware ID to the dealer to get the activation code   Run Carprog 8.21 interface automatically, then close it   Part 2 – Carprog v8.21 read EEPROM M35080 Automatically installing device driver software… Reading device info… Select EEPROM-> 93C 24C 95x v2.6 Click on the tool icon Select M35-> 35080-> read/ verify, then click OK   Click the fourth icon on the top icon column for initialization Initializing… Reading… Verifying… Verify ok     Done! Ps: Carprog V9.31 no need activation. If you need to update your carprog full v4,v5,v6.8 or v7.28 to V8.21 online version,you can buy the V8.21 carprog main unit without buying the full 21 adapters.   ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 ==================================    

How to use J-Link V8 ARM USB JTAG Adapter Emulator And Kess KTAG NXP Chip

J-Link V8 ARM USB JTAG Adapter Emulator And Kess KTAG NXP Chips For 60 Tokens 1. J-Link V8 use AT91SAM7S64, expanding the capacity of Flash and SRAM to facilitate future upgrades; 2. J-Link V8 improves the SWD interface, an increase of driver chips, (V6 and V7 in the SWD is a direct quote from the pin to the target CPU board); 3. J-Link V8 SWD improved control methods, V7 is the I / O direct-drive, V8 with a special method, there is not effective anyway V8`s SWD velocities slower than the V7 4. J-Link V8 have three lights, one directed USB Communications, a direct target CPU, reset state, a direct 5V output is turned on V7 only 1 USB communication indicator 5. J-Link V8`s firmware update process is not DLL, and can not write the same as V7 Bootloader on a simple easy to crack V8`s Bootloader need to implement USB device connectivity; J-Link emulation is SEGGER company ARM core chip to support the launch of the JTAG emulator.With the IAR EWARM, ADS, KEIL, WINARM, RealView and other integrated development environment supports all ARM7/ARM9 core chip simulationThrough RDI interface and the integrated development environment for seamless connectivity, easy, convenient connections…

KTAG v7.020 Master Version Main Unit K-Tag 6.070 to 7.020 Update Use
2017 KTAG 7.020 , KTAG / 20/06/2017

KTAG v7.020 Main Unit K-Tag v7020 Update Master Version Notice:This link is only for Ktag v2.23 7.020 Main unit,no cables, in package. KTAG fw 7.020 Introduction: Model name:Ktag v2.23 7.020 Main unit Software Version:2.23 Update:By link Car Models:For trucks ,heavy duty,boat… Languages:English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish Functions:Ecu Programmer Connection:By OBD2. Computer requirements:XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 NO NEED RESET BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!NO Tokens Limited!!! REAL VERSION OF KTAG 7020 EURO ALL ACTIVATED VERSION!!! Support ONLINE!!!NO USB DONGLE!!! Install/User Note: 1 Never update it online.We will send you free update link in future. 2 We don’t sell SD card and chips alone,sorry. 3 We offer free dimsport software for Ktag 6.070,but no install help in this free gift. 4 Our KTAG 7.020 can be used online,no reset button need.No tokens limited. 5.Don’t use other software with our main unit,maybe burt it.Please contact us to send you software. Our ktag fw 7.020 PCB pictures:     ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 ==================================  

All the missing keys in the Mercedes W221 are solved by VVDI MB + VVDI Prog
Car Key Programmer / 19/06/2017

All the missing keys in the Mercedes W221 are solved by VVDI MB + VVDI Prog Mercedes-Benz W221 is Motorola EIS, about all key lost, vvdi mb bga tool key programmer cannot support online calculation get password directly. Password calculation can get key password through EIS and but need at least one working key (online), incl. W164, W164 (2009-), W166 W197 W212 W218  W246, W169 W209 W211, W172 W204 W207, W216, W221, W639 (2009-) To add new keys to W221 when it lost all keys, you can do like this: remove W221 EIS, get eeprom by programmer (such as VVDI PROG), then load eeprom to VVDI MB TOOL to prepare key file, write key and insert to EIS for key learn. In W221, there was only “DUSSELDORF” on the MCU (“DUSSELDORF”—-NEC chip)   Maybe only parts of W221 is Motorola EIS, you can see the attachment photo its Motorola EIS. anyway, about W211 all key lost you can change a new EIS do you work. read all key lost EIS data, then write to new EIS (enter password at random/as you want) then prepare key file with the enter password.   Note: VVDI MB BGA Tool v2.1.7 now can only…

What’s the difference: using Xtuner E3? Autel MS908? Launch X431?
Auto Diagnostic Tool / 19/06/2017

Malaysian cars diagnosis: using Xtuner E3? Autel MS908? Launch X431? hread: Proton, Perodua Malaysian cars diagnostic tools wanted? Which OBD2 auto diagnostic tool is better for Malaysian cars? Xtuner E3 (also called Vpecker Easydiag)? Autel Maxisys MS908 tablet? Launch X431 scan tool?   Here is the buying guide of obdii diagnostic tools for Malaysian cars, especially for Proton, Perodua.   Proton obdii diagnosis: with Xtuner E3 (Vpecker Easydiag)? Autel MS908? Launch X431 pad? System Xtuner E3 (Vpecker) Autel MaxiSys MS908 Launch X431 TA2000 Yes No Not all ABS 9.0 Yes No Yes AC3 Yes Not all Yes AC6 Yes Not all Not all ACU3 Yes No Yes Airbag AB 10.0 Yes No Not all Airbag AB 2.0 Yes No Not all Airbag AB 2.1 Yes No Yes BCF Continental Yes Yes Yes BOSCH Yes Not all Not all Central Electronics CE 3.0 Yes No No Central Electronics CE 4.0 Yes No No CVT Punch Yes No Not all Easy-U 1.0 Yes No Yes EMS EasyU IAFM+ 1.0 Yes No Yes EMS400 Yes Not all Yes EMS700 Yes Not all No EMS700 CPS No Yes Not all ESP 9.0 Yes No Yes ESP TRW EBC450 Yes Not all Yes…

Did your KESS 5.017 make this mistake when making a Renault car

Has your kess 5.017 ever been in the WRONG SECURITY CODE How do you solve this problem? 1.change read speed to slow, if this not work then leave ignition on position two for 30-40mins 2.then try to read ecu without turning ignition off when kess software ask. 3.When you connect and correctly choose driver you should see a screen of options beginning with IDENTIFY, READ, WRITE, RECOVER, SPECIAL and SETUP. 4. Choose setup it has 2 options PULL UP and SPEED. Choose SPEED. This has 2 options, MINIMUM and MAXIMUM. Select MINIMUM. 5.Note these options do not appear to be sticky so you must do this for each attempt. It is also important to have around 14.5 volts present, best achieved with a stabilised power supply suitable for programming support, but I have had success with a heavy duty jump starterarger connected. It might be worth mentioning that trying this with the headlamps or side lamps on in an attempt to smooth things out results in read failure every time, as does a voltage of 13 volts, I cannot explain why this is, but it is. You can contact our customer service to solve more problems ================================== 24hour Online Customer…