How to update vas 5054a Diagnostic Tool firmware
Auto Diagnostic Tool / 26/06/2017

How to update vas 5054a Diagnostic Tool firmware Here you go mate, what fantomel posted long time ago regarding VAS 5054A firmware update, incl. how to upgrade, where to replace firmware. First, THANKS fantomel for this.   Download vas5054a firmware update fix: (by Fantomel)!MSIj1aJJ!XDWayKXbrN8fTqogwoA_26ECIMYCctHl11zUKB6Rdrg If your vas 5054a head does not have AMB2300 BT Module then you will have a problem with firmware newer then 1.20.020 To fix this and make it work you must replace after install of package these files from 1.20.020 to your current version for odis-s 2.2.3 and 2.2.4 C:\ODIS-DIAG-MODULES\PDUAPI\VEN-SOFTING\1.20.023\VeCom\VAS5054 for odis-s 2.2.6 C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.029\VeCom\VAS5054 for odis-e 6.2.2? C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.023\VeCom\VAS5054 for odis-s 3.0.0 C:\Program Files\Softing\D-PDU API\1.20.034\VeCom\VAS5054 How to update vas 5054a firmware: How to tell a good VAS 5054A Bluetooth by PCB: There are two types of Bluetooth modules with vas 5054a scanners High-quality 5054 with Good Bluetooth module A   Common vas 5054a with Normal Bluetooth module B   Tip: using 5054a via bluetooth connection The diagnostic base system can access the VAS 5054A via Bluetooth. After a connection via Bluetooth to the VAS 5054A has been set up, the Bluetooth software provides a virtual serial COM port (Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). The…

Review on TIS2000 for Tech2 Diagnostic tool
Auto Diagnostic Tool / 23/05/2017

Gm Tech II Introduction: Model name:GM tech2 Software Version:Different model,different version. Update:By card. Car Models:GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden Languages:English/ German/ Spanish/ Japanese/ French/ Italian and others. Functions:Diagnostic interface Connection:By OBD2. A lot of info I found on the forum about TECH2 diagnostic tool for dianosing GM, SAAB, OPEL, SUZUKI, Holden, ISUZU,but there are few articles on introducing its software running computer, here I will do some review on it. Well you have a Tech2 but a lot of the things you would like to do is locked out because you don’t have access to the computer software to allow you to do it. Things like updating PCM’s and modules and anything security related are locked out. I paid €329 for the ChineseTech2 clonewhich comes with a CD with the Tis2000 software. The quality of this is amazing. i wouldnt never be able to tell it was a clone.As I know, this tech2 software support vehicles diagnostic & program from 1992 to 2013, it is enough for me. Then i want to talk about its running computer, thanks to some forum friends, they share these experience with me. The Tech2 communicates with the computer using a serial port on the computer running Windows XP…

How to use VOLVO VBOX?
Auto Diagnostic Tool / 15/05/2017

How to use VOLVO VBOX? VOLVO VBOX XC90 Introduction: Model name:VOLVO VBOX XC90 Software Version:Newest Update:By link Car Models:For Volvo Till 2015 Languages:English Functions:Diagnostic interface Connection:By OBD2. Computer requirements:Window XP/7/8/10 1. Connect to hardware, insert the box into OBD interface, connect the box with internet reticle and computer reticle interface, red light sparkling. You can find the OBD interface on the left side down of the seat. Hardware lights instruction LED status Status instruction Red light sparkling hardware working ok Green light sparkling data communication status 2. UDVOLVO is a free install application, decompression zip package to local computer folder, run the application…/Volvo/ASAMMCD3/UDVolvo.exe press enter after you find your vehicle IP. 3. Press“Vehicle identification number, read ECU information, read fault number 4. Double press “current fault code number”, enter single ECU Press“current fault code number or history fault code number”, press the right button on mouse go check for detail information. 5. Check the detail information. 6. Check the fault code number detail information. 7. Check ECU detail information.   8. Enter ECU read fault code number history fault code number, clean up code number, read vehicle identification number and ECU detail information, press current “current fault code number and history fault code number” to clean up the fault code…

SDP3 V2.23 VCI 2 Diagnostic Tool Patch Failed,data error

  I have recently purchased a scania sdp3 v2.23 vci.2 Order serial no. 44151105188682 I must contact you in regards the code to activate Ref no. WD-WXDOAC9A7060 Can you confirm by email what I should do next When I entered the activation code you gave me E7678536 It’s coming back as patch fail data error.please instruct me what to do.i thought I would of had this activated by now. But how to solve it ? It shows the activation code is incorrect. so customer need to send the ID to active again.

For Ford USB Scan Tool OBDII Diagnostic Tool
Auto Diagnostic Tool / 23/02/2017

Language: English only Operating System: Works with XP Update: Can’t 1.fully works with For Ford and it is PC-based scan tool designed to use through USB port connection. 2.For Ford scanner read and clear manufacturer specific trouble codes displays all the manufacturer specific sensor data in real-time. Note: It is normal for antivirus to flag some diagnostic files (.exe etc) as virus or Trojan. Always switch off antivirus in your computer before attempting to install any diagnostic software or the software may not install and essential diagnostic files may be corrupted. Do not use older versions, only use the software supplied with the tool. Description Scanner for Ford is fully FOR FORD compliant PC-based scan tool designed to use through USB port connection. Functions 1. Display all the manufacturer specific sensor data in real-time. 2. Read and clear manufacturer specific trouble codes. 3. Modules access: PCM, TCM, ABS, Airbag, Cluster 4. Processor: 90c2610 Protocols: FOR FORD (SCP), FOR FORD (ISO9141). Specifications 1. Vehicle List 1) Diesel Engine Fusion 1.4TDCI,Fiesta 1.4TDCI,Focus 1.6TDCI,Focus 1.8TDCI,Focus cmax 1.6TDCI,Transit,Transit connect 1.8TDCI,for Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 2) Gasoline Engine KA 1.3i,Fiesta 1.4i 1.6i,Fusion 1.4i 1.6i,Focus 1.6i,Focus cmax 1.6i,Focus vct 1.6i,Focus cmax vct 1.6i,Focus ghia 1.6i,for Mondeo…