Superobd SKP-900 V5.0 update -160 Toyota models works
SKP900 Key Programmer / 06/06/2017

Superobd SKP-900 key pro V5.0 download at mega:!LlIhyB4R!04EVxF1puiqpz3Rgp4xgkidfCd6rE69af9TYdtkL0-I This update works on original superobd SKP900 hardware SKP900 V5.0 update -160 Toyota models works: Ford raptor F-150 Key Program and PCM-PATS Synchronization Mitsubishi Smart Key Program -2013 BAIC MOTOR BJ80 Smart Key Program BAIC MOTOR D60 Smart Key Program BAIC MOTOR D61 Smart Key Program BAIC MOTOR X55 Smart Key Program BAIC MOTOR X65 Smart Key Program Hyundai Verna Key Program 2014- BYD Tang Smart Key Program ZOTYE LangLang Smart Key Program TOYOTA Scion XB Remote Program 2007-2010 TOYOTA Scion FRS Key Program 2013-2015 TOYOTA Aygo Key Program (Africa) TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2009(Africa) TOYOTA Fortuner Key Program 2009(Africa) TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2008-2011(Africa) TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2007-2013(Africa) TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2002-2009(Africa) TOYOTA Mark x Smart Key Program 2006(Africa) TOYOTA Premio Smart Key Program 2006(Africa) TOYOTA Premio Key Program 2006(Africa) TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2008-2013(Africa) TOYOTA Vigo Key Program 2005-2008(Africa) TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2006-2008(Australia) TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2009-(Australia) TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2003(Australia) TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006-2008(Australia) TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2009-2010(Australia) TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2011-(Australia) TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2009(Australia) TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2009-(Australia) TOYOTA Hiace Key Program…

How to solve skp900 communication fail problem?
SKP900 Key Programmer / 18/05/2017

Original SuperOBD SKP900 Introduction: Model name:SKP900 Software Version:V5.0 Update:Online Car Models:For Multi-cars Languages:English Functions:Hand-held key programmer Connection:By OBD2. Dealer Code:1001 skp900 Key Programmer communication failed problem Customer Usual Problem about SKP-900 Key Programmer COM Fail Error: When program a new remote key for 2012 SUZUKI , Mitsubishi L 200 petrol 2007… with a new SKP900 Key Programmer after select corresponding immobilizer system (IMMIBILIZER 2) and the system display “communication failed” error message.  Then he tried another way: Select adapt key in the function menu Insert key and turn ignition ON The SKP-900 Key Programmer will read pin code automatically Manually enter pin code The system then displays the error message “Program failed” which means SKP900 Key Programmer fails to write key pin code. Skp-900 Program Failed Solution: When program a new key remote through reading pin code from vehicle’s immobilizer system with SKP900 auto key programmer, it support only read pin code for vehicle that is compatible with Immobilizer system 3. It can not support immobilizer system 1, immobilizer system 4, immobilizer system 5 etc. The Skp-900 Program communication failed problem documentation download: Skp900-Program-communication-failed-problem-PDF ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd Whatsapp:86-13476108995 V5.0 SuperOBD SKP-900 SKP900 Key Programmer DHL Free Shipping   USD $359.00 ==================================

HOW to Update SKP900 key programmer
SKP900 Key Programmer / 18/05/2017

Please go to the official website: to register and login, add (register) your machine and wait for our confirmation, then you can download update file in MY UPDATE and the update tool in the Common Files. SKP-900 key programmer update steps: 1. Download the update tool and update file; 2. Connect SKP-900 to the computer using the USB cable, 3. Click OPEN to open the update bin file (send us serial number of SKP-900 and we will send 4. 4. The Update file to you via Email), 5. Click Auto Scan Port button to setup the COM port, 6. Click UPDATE button to start update. CAUTION: DO NOT DISCONNECT THE SKP900 WHEN UPDATING!   ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd Whatsapp:86-13476108995 V5.0 SuperOBD SKP-900 SKP900 Key Programmer DHL Free Shipping   USD $359.00 ==================================

SKP900 key programmer what works and does not work
SKP900 Key Programmer / 18/05/2017

To help more people know SKP900 key programmer, I read a great number of feedbacks, and put the tested car models and years together including what SKP900 key programmer works and doesn’t work. For USA cars: (24th October, 2015 update) SKP900 key programmer can do all keys lost with every car mentioned as follows: 2013 CHRYSLER 200 – WORKS FINE 2008 DODGE CHARGER – WORKS FINE 2013 FORD EDGE – WORKS FINE 2011-2013 FORD F-150 – WORKS FINE 2013 MUSTANG – WORKS FINE 2012 JEEP COMPASS – WORKS FINE 2008 JEEP WRANGLER – WORKS FINE 2014 KIA RIO – WORKS FINE 2013 KIA SOUL – WORKS FINE 2013 KIA FORTE – WORKS FINE 2009 TOYOTA CAMRY – WORKS FINE, REMOTE + TRANSPONDER SEPERATE PROCEDURE BOTH WORKS 2012-2013 TOYOTA CAMRY – WORKS FINE, REMOTE + TRANSPONDER SEPERATE PROCEDURE BOTH WORKS 2013 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER – WORKS FINE, REMOTE + TRANSPONDER SEPERATE PROCEDURE BOTH WORKS 2002 VOLKSWAGEN GTI – WORKS FINE 2005 – NISSAN 350Z – WAS ABLE TO PULL BCM BUT COULD NOT PROGRAM KEY. I THINK JUST NEED TO PLAY WITH IT LONGER 2013 FORD FOCUS – DOES NOT WORK 2014 FORD FIESTA – DOES NOT WORK Kia in USA is…

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 vs X100 Pro vs SKP900 key programmer
SKP900 Key Programmer / 18/05/2017

Here are the table comparisons among OBDSTRA X300 Pro3 Key Master, OBDSTAR X100 Pro and SuperOBD SKP900 auto key programmer. Tab. 1 OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 (Key Master)  vs. SKP-900 S/N Feature&Function OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 SKP900 Key Programmer Hardware New design in appearance **** *** Three-proof design(Water-proof,Shock-proof,Crash-proof), multi-angle shock resistance **** * Industrial screen, clear vision **** *** Humanizing design, convenient operation **** **** Latest PCB technology, quick download speed **** *** Silicon button, comfortable touch **** *** Software &Upgrade OBDII function √ × More cars can be supported to adjust mileage More ECU matching function deployed with, for example, to replace Toyota/Mit ECM **** ** More qualified and stable, and rarely occurs communication failed, For example, matching proximity of HYUNDAI KIA **** **** The most coverage of Chinese cars **** **** Optional choice offered, such as OIL/SERVICE,EPB and Battery Matching **** *** One key upgrade, single model upgrade supported √ × Subaru can be supported √ × EEPROM/read pin code, initialization,data recovery √ × Ferrari can be supported × √ Immo √ √ Remark: Five star is the top level     Tab. 2 OBDSTAR Key Master vs. OBDSTAR X100 Pro S/N Feature&Function OBDSTAR Key Master OBDSTAR X-100 Pro Hardware…

V4.4 SKP900 Key Programmer Software Free Download

Original SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer new software V4.4  updated many Hyundai and Kia car models. SKP-900 V4.4 update tool and software can be downloaded here for free. Latest Software : V4.4 Lifetime Free Update Online No tokens limitation.   V4.4 SKP900 Key Programmer Update Plan (29th. Sep) 1.HYUDNAI Elantra Key Program 2008- 2.HYUDNAI Elantra Key Program 2012 3.HYUDNAI SONATA Key Program 4.HYUDNAI I30 Key Program 5.HYUDNAI IX35 Key Program 6.HYUDNAI IX35(F/L) Key Program 7.HYUDNAI IX35(F/L) Smart Key Program 8.HYUDNAI New IX35 Key Program 9.HYUDNAI Verna Key Program 10.HYUDNAI Verna Smart Key Program 11.HYUDNAI SONATA(YFC) Key Program 12.HYUDNAI Elantra(MDC) Key Program 13.HYUDNAI Elantra(MDC) Smart Key Program 14.HYUDNAI H1 Key Program 2011- 15.HYUDNAI SANTAFE(F/L) Key Program 2009- 16.HYUDNAI SANTAFE(Gasoline)Key Program 2006- 17.HYUDNAI Veracruz(EN)Key Program 2006- 18.HYUDNAI Coupe Key Program 2012- 19.HYUDNAI Coupe Key Program 2009- 20.HYUDNAI Rohens(BH)Key Program 2012- 21.HYUDNAI Rohens(BH)Key Program 2009- 22.KIA Forte Key Program 2009-2013 23.KIA SPORTAGE Key Program 2008-2013 24.KIA SPORTAGE R Smart Key 2011 25.KIA K5 Key Program 2011-2013 26.KIA K5 Smart Key Program 2011-2013 27.KIA K5 Key Program 2014- 28.KIA K5(HEV) Key Program 2013- 29.KIA K5(HEV) Smart Key Program -2013 30.KIA Cadenza(VG)Key Program 2012- 31.KIA Cadenza (VG F/L) Key Program 2013- 32.KIA Opirus Key Program 2007- 33.KIA…