CarProg vs Xprog-m vs UPA USB vs FGTech v54
Carprog , OBD2 / 09/06/2017

CarProg vs Xprog-m vs UPA USB vs FGTech v54 Here is a helpful text for an electronic technician having doubt about tools of airbag ECU repair work, as he said below, “I’m electronic technician and am starting repairs airbag ECUs. My doubt is: CARPROG or XPROG or other? or both? What differences? What i need more? Carprog can help me at all? UPA or Fgtech should i need?”   Carprog reset airbag via K-Line I would say both, carprog and xprog-m . Carprog v9.31 can do many types of airbag by K-line, so no need to open ecu, reads/clears DTC and crash data by Kline and by reading dumps as well, load them in its own software and clear them, then write back to eeprom, mcu…all in one go… You can buy UPA USB as well, very good programmer. You can’t cover all eeproms and MCU’s with one or two programmers…   Genuine CarProg vs Clone CarProg The clone version works great on pretty much anything (airbag reset is definitely yes) up to about 2008-2010 but it does not support the MAC and XC chips found in some of the late model vehicles. So clone Carprog would be a reasonable choice……

MPPS ECU flash cable full write Opel EDC16C9 ECU
Car Key Programmer / 09/06/2017

Which tool is the best solutions for Opel EDC16C9 write? Some with mppps, some with kess v2, fgtech galletto v54… Here, I collected all useful info for you to write EDC16C9.   Mpps cable is verified to write EDC16C9 perfectly!!!!!!!   Use MPPS above v12 if you have (better mpps v18). Can read/write data area. I rewrite mine for 50 times. KESS and Galletto can not read and do full write. Look to me that have some missing parts in the middle, at least compared to mine Vectra C.   I can confirm from first-hand experience that MPPS can read and write both the EDC16C9 and EDC16C39.   Obviously you can only read and write the data area in each case (aka a ‘partial read’) but that’s the same for any OBD tool. But that contains everything you need to tune, or to disable EGR and DPF).   To read/write the full ECU (i.e. to access the Operating System and User Program areas), or the serial EEPROM (where mileage, immo codes, service counters, etc) are stored, then you have to open the ECU case and use a BDM tool. But for normal tuning and DPF/EGR removal this is totally unnecessary…

MPPS clone read flash remap Audi A4 CAR ECU
Car ECU Programmer / 26/05/2017

MPPS clone read flash remap Audi A4 CAR ECU I’ve used MPPS clone for a few days. And something wanna share with all A4 owners for diy on cars. All A4 cars here i did from my A4 clubs 😀 Read ECU: Mpps clone don’t work very well on some edc16. For example on my a4 b7 tdi 140 Edc16u31 ecu, mpps can’t wake up my ecu so can’t read. Another with a transporter tdi 170 Edc16u31 ecu , i can read his ecu. For my a4, i have bought a Fgtech Galletto v54 clone and it work well   It is hard to damage EDC16 during opening when you are a little bit carefull, you dont have to lift PCB, only remove the cover. Not the hard way like MB EDC16…     Flash ECU: Please do not flash a a4 me7 with mpps unless you have check summed and checked the file for crc errors. Mpps won’t correctly check sum it. And nor will tunerpro with plugin, only trusted way is to get someone with a full Winols to do it, and then flash with mpps v18.12.3.8 clone.. Actual flashing an a4 is easy, but if it’s not…

How to install FGTECH galletto v54 on both XP and win7
Car ECU Programmer / 24/05/2017

Here are step-by-step procedure on how to install FGTECH galletto v54 on both XP and win7. Install sw to default place c:\fgtech Plug galletto v54 to usb port. Go to device manager and uninstall actual driver of fgtech. Unplug fgtech from usb and plug it again. Install drivers provided into c:\fgtech folder. This is very important, older drivers won’t work, Make usbfix with same file FG as used with v53. Try to open sw, if your computer is xp run eobd.exe not eobd2.exe If win7 run eobd2s.exe. FGTECH V54 Introduction: Model name:FGTech Galletto Firmware Version:V54 Software Version:V4 Car Models:For Multi-cars Languages:English/Italian/German/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Czech/Turkish Functions:ECU Programmer Connection:By OBD2. Computer requirements:XP ONLY The above installation procedure applies to following fgtech galletto PC board: V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master for car and truck: Best quality V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 ==================================