How to Install Carprog V10.05 Software User Guide
Carprog , OBD2 software / 15/11/2017

Newest V10.05 Carprog Full Software Updated and Available. Carprog 10.05 is tested 100% and 100% safe to use,carprog software is verified work perfectly with Carprog ECU Programmer. And today, official blog will share a step by steps guide on how to setup CarProg V10.05 software on Win 7 System. Prepared Steps 1.You Need Download latest 10.05 carprog software here :!YaJjhIiT!Dtij48OlOOg_LYbWWuGedDlh622eqcHcJmm8rXQSm54 2.You need a workable Carprog 10.5 like this : Carprog Full V10.05 with 21 Adapters Carprog V10.05 Setup Steps 2.Open Computer/disk E: Carprog/9.31-10.05 and Copy all folders/files (Carprog, Manual, READ ME!!) to Desktop,then the system will Pop up : installing device driver software, click here for status,USB Input Device installed and ready for use: click on Close. 3.Open Computer Management,Select Device Manager->Human Interface Device-> USB Input Device 4.Open folder Carprog on Desktop,then open carprog 10.05 application,Agree the items 5.then Carprog 10.05 is reading eeprom 93c46 Carprog programmer 10.05 reads eeprom 93c46 successfully!  

How to install Carprog full 8.21 online version?
Carprog / 20/06/2017

How to install Carprog 8.21 online version? Part 1 – Carprog 8.21 activation & installation Establish a new folder named “8.21” on Desktop Copy all the files in carprog 8.21 DVD disk (E:) to the new folder “8.21” on Desktop   Open “Carprog v8.21” application Send the hardware ID to the dealer to get the activation code   Run Carprog 8.21 interface automatically, then close it   Part 2 – Carprog v8.21 read EEPROM M35080 Automatically installing device driver software… Reading device info… Select EEPROM-> 93C 24C 95x v2.6 Click on the tool icon Select M35-> 35080-> read/ verify, then click OK   Click the fourth icon on the top icon column for initialization Initializing… Reading… Verifying… Verify ok     Done! Ps: Carprog V9.31 no need activation. If you need to update your carprog full v4,v5,v6.8 or v7.28 to V8.21 online version,you can buy the V8.21 carprog main unit without buying the full 21 adapters.   ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 ==================================    

CarProg vs Xprog-m vs UPA USB vs FGTech v54
Carprog , OBD2 / 09/06/2017

CarProg vs Xprog-m vs UPA USB vs FGTech v54 Here is a helpful text for an electronic technician having doubt about tools of airbag ECU repair work, as he said below, “I’m electronic technician and am starting repairs airbag ECUs. My doubt is: CARPROG or XPROG or other? or both? What differences? What i need more? Carprog can help me at all? UPA or Fgtech should i need?”   Carprog reset airbag via K-Line I would say both, carprog and xprog-m . Carprog v9.31 can do many types of airbag by K-line, so no need to open ecu, reads/clears DTC and crash data by Kline and by reading dumps as well, load them in its own software and clear them, then write back to eeprom, mcu…all in one go… You can buy UPA USB as well, very good programmer. You can’t cover all eeproms and MCU’s with one or two programmers…   Genuine CarProg vs Clone CarProg The clone version works great on pretty much anything (airbag reset is definitely yes) up to about 2008-2010 but it does not support the MAC and XC chips found in some of the late model vehicles. So clone Carprog would be a reasonable choice……