Did your KESS 5.017 make this mistake when making a Renault car


Has your kess 5.017 ever been in the WRONG SECURITY CODE

How do you solve this problem?

1.change read speed to slow, if this not work then leave ignition on position two for 30-40mins

2.then try to read ecu without turning ignition off when kess software ask.

3.When you connect and correctly choose driver you should see a screen of options beginning with IDENTIFY, READ, WRITE, RECOVER, SPECIAL and SETUP.

4. Choose setup it has 2 options PULL UP and SPEED. Choose SPEED. This has 2 options, MINIMUM and MAXIMUM. Select MINIMUM.

5.Note these options do not appear to be sticky so you must do this for each attempt.

It is also important to have around 14.5 volts present, best achieved with a stabilised power supply suitable for programming support, but I have had success with a heavy duty jump starterarger connected. It might be worth mentioning that trying this with the headlamps or side lamps on in an attempt to smooth things out results in read failure every time, as does a voltage of 13 volts, I cannot explain why this is, but it is.

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