How to fix MB Star C4 Xentry “No more updates” error?


Mercedes Benz Star Compact C4 Auto Diagnostic Tool Introduction:

Model name:MB SD C4 WIFI Version
Software Version:2017.03
Hardware version: OS:2.3   CSD:2.11
Series Number:1010144
Update:By HDD
Car Models:For Mercedes Benz Only,both car and trucks
Functions:Diagnostic interface
Connection:By WIFI or Lan cable.

When run 05.2017 MB Star C4 Xentry or other previous versions, the error show “No more updates can be installed on the diagnostic system.”.

What’s the solution? Check below quick fix method!


Mercedes Xentry error when Mercedes MED177 M278 engine for E550 4matic 2012

Xentry error message

The following functions are not available:

Initial setup

SCN coding

Control unit update

Same error also show when Xentry program Mercedes 7G tronic transmission 

Quick fix method for MB Xentry error “No more updates”

(Tested and given by engineers)

Just download this new Kontexte file and replace the old one!wh5AxKqJ!VanGy5sXsiaiFG5AXZmJlTLrgXsByBuPDcsdMzIVwR8

The Kontexte file location should be:

C:\Program Files(x86)\ Mercedes-Benz \ Xentry \ Kontexte

And things done!

Now you can run Xenrty software and start again.


Some useful information:

 MB SD C4 software SSD WIN7

MB SD C4 software HDD WIN7

100% tested working stable with SD C4 Connect!



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