DIY change Mazda CX5 mileage easily by OBDSTAR F100


OBDSTAR F100 vs Other programmers:

Cheap –Similar products abroad are offered 6200.00USD/unit, but F100 is offered at 169USD/unit.

Similar products abroad only supports immobilizer of Mazda and Ford,but OBDSTAR F100 supports odometer adjustment as well except above.

User experience is undesirable to similar products abroad because of no display and no guide for operation,but F100 is welcomed by perfect display and interaction.

OBDSTAR F100 review for sharing: I bought OBDSTAR F100 as a toy but found it perfect for DIY car job! I tested it super easy to change Mazda CX5 mileage. I will show you as below:

STEPS Adjust Mazda CX5 mileage using OBDSTAR F100 

My car has run 1200KM so far and I change the odometer to 210KM OK!

The menu and instruction is very easy to understand even I just a beginner.

First, I plug OBDSTAR F100 into my car’s OBD2 port. Connect it with car OK. It power on automatically.

Next, I go to “Function” section and choose “Mileage Adjustment”.



Go down the menu and choose “CX5”.



Then it show turn on ignition and backup data, then I choose “Mileage Adjustment”, follow the tips to turn off ignition and turn it on again.


OBDSTAR F100 starts to read mileage. And yes, exactly it read out the odometer value!


Enter a new value and confirm it.


Turn off ignition then turn it on. It starts to change the mileage.


OBDSTAR F-100 adjusts Mazda CX5 mileage successfully!



Actually OBDSTAR F100 also can read pin code and program key for Ford Mazda, I will test more functions in coming days. So far I am happy with it!

I got it here, nice shop and price $145free shipping to me.




24hour Online Customer Service:






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