BMW INPA Download & Install on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10


BMW INPA K+CAN With FT232RL Chip K DCAN USB Interface

Interface USB OBD2 for BMW – INPA/Ediabas – K+DCAN allows full diagnostic of BMW from 1998 to 2008 (all functions as in OMNITEC interface). Build in 2 lines K and D-Can magisterial

BMW INPA Ediabas 5.0.2 download, inpa 5.06 download, inpa 6.4.7 download here…and install it on Windows XP/ Vista or Windows 7/ 8/ 10 (32bit or 64bit), to get it work with K+DCAN USB cable.

INPA download

INPA 5.0.2 download (tested OK)

Inpa v5.0.2 Ediabas v6.4.7.rar

INPA 5.0.6.rar

INPA/ediabas 6.4.3 full.rar

ediabas 6.4.7 inpa 5.0.1.iso

More: INPA Ediabas download

BMW inpa cable

Basically, there are two methods for users to get the INPA K+DCAN usb cable, to buy a complete one or simply build one yourself. Read the following to get it.
One way is to build a cable yourself. Cost for this would probably range anywhere between 10 to 20 bucks. You will need to solder a bit but it’s nothing too serious if you follow the instructions to the letter.

Its actually very simple that any average person can do that has access to a drill and a soldering gun.

Tools needed..
1. Small philip screwdriver to take the D-can cover off
2 Radio Shack micro on/off switch (can be two prongs or three) and some wire 24 guage.
3. Soldering gun
4. Some type of glue gun or glue adhesive
5. Drill bit 5/16 to make hole in the D-can cover

Locate pin 8 which will have a number on the side of the board. One side will have the digit 1 and the other digit 8

Once you locate pin 8, thats the pin we will be using as well as the next one over. Connect each pin 7 and 8 with a separate wire and then use the soldering gun and connect each wire to the micro on/off switch… If you bought a 2 prong on/off switch connect it to each side, but if you bought a switch with three prongs, connect the middle and one of the ends, doesnt matter which one. At the end there will be one prong end not used…Neatly place the wires snug so that the D-can cover can be closed without anything preventing it to make a closed seal and your done. Screw in the 4 philip head screws in their respected holes. Note which postion is on and which is off by some type of label on the outside of the cover…SImple! Note on my first pic, I have a switch with 3 prongs, but I snipped off the 3rd one just to make it easier to solder…





I modified my cable with a switch and have 7 and 8 bridged to work with a 2004 E46. INPA and Dis 44 work perfect but I cant get Progman to work. Progman starts to reads the FA/ZCS after you choose the car model and then after awhile it says it requires an Edic/Icom cable connection. What needs to be done to make connection with Progman SSS V32?? Do I need to change anything in the Ediabas configuration. I know my modified cable works fine now that I modified it because Dis 44 and INPA wasn’t communicating before I modified the cable. Thanks for the help. I am stumped as I want to code the car for my brother-in-law. I actually can use Dis 44 as I already went into the CKM coding menu, but Progman is much better to help him choose his features he wants as its pretty much offers a checklist with dots!

Took a pic of my success with my modified D-can cable connected to E46 using Progman. My brother-in-law had no idea he had so many features that were not turn on…He also turn off his daytime running lights which he hated!


(NOTE: this diy guide is from cn555ic at, the professionals have not tried, put it here )
But if you are not interested in building one, buy a dedicated BMW cable instead. This is a site that has been confirmed working by some of E-series friends: .. I wouldn’t recommend other sites, although they may work, problem is that they have not been confirmed working yet. Functions of k+dcan cable at obdii365 has been tested for years (many discussion in forums).
The version 2016 cable is great, designed with the FT232RQ chip and a switch to turn LEFT is for 7 pin or RIGHT for 8 pin (8 pin for K-LINE communication (old DCAN cables cannot do it) for BMW from 1998 to 2008)
the chips and switch on the cable….


INPA installation guide…Here you go…

Here, inpa installation guides for Windows XP, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 32, Windwos 7 64bit, Windows 8, Windows 10 users. (click on the Operation System to get the how-to guide directly).


Note: INPA 5.0.2 is verified to work XP systems without any issues. For others, you need luck!



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