Ford Fusion diagnostics: buy VXDIAG VCX Nano or VCM Ⅱ clone?


Ford Fusion diagnostics

It’s a discussion of a Ford Fusion owner and users with Ford VCM II or VXDIAG VCX Nano.. Wish this also helps those considering which Ford diagnostic tool to buy.

From Ford Fusion owner:

I own a 2012 Ford Fusion 3.0 V6 (Americas) and I’d like to buy a diagnostic tool to play with it. I live in Brasilia-Brazil and it seems no independent auto repair shop has IDS, only Ford dealerships, which cost a small fortune to use it in my car.

I was thinking about buying a VXDIAG NANO, since it costs considerably less than SP-177C VCM-II. It’s for my own personal use, not to be used professionally.

I’m also thinking about reprogramming the ACM (audio control module) to enable the rear backup camera. I already have a VIN number of a similar car equipped with it. Is it hard to do? Can it be done using VXDIAG Nano?

Is there any good trusted dealer for VXDIAG VCX Nano or VCM-II SP-177C?

From VXDIAG Nano or VCM 2 users:

VCM II is more stable and good clone.


Full chip high quality VCM II But be careful programming!


VCMII is just slightly more expensive then VXDIAG nano. As far as I know, it’s hard to find a good independent workshop there. There’s a few in RJ though


VCX nano is a VCM emulator. You can not use use it for anything else. But you you use VCM II for Pass Thru for Xentry, HDS, TIS, GS2, JLR, Volvo, Nissan Consult and numerous other. Right people can flash it Maserati/Ferrari.

VCM II is the right choice, if you buy a good clone with a good serial.


I have both a vcx and a decent vcm2 clone . I purchased the vcx first thinking I could get by with it and was sadly mistaken.

If you never intend to do anything other than read codes and live data then the vcx will do however I was never able to get it to reprogram anything or connect to ANY north american diesel trucks.

My vcm2 functions flawlessly including updating it and adding wireless to it with a pair of the proper wifi dongles.

Keep in mind when purchasing a vcm2 that there are look alike ones out there that are vcx nanos in vcm2 clothing. (I made that mistake as well lol) Buy it from someone who shows photos of the inside. the fake vcm2 will have a single pcb with one main chip and not allot else going on. A good VCM II has a second pcb on a riser with two noticeable capacitors on it and both boards a nearly covered with components. From diagnostic tools


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