How to use VAS-5054A china clone with ODIS-E



This is how to reverse dieselgate update on Skoda Yeti CR170 using VAS 5054A china clone with ODIS-E.

To reverse the EA189 emissions recall update


within $100

Model & ECU:

on my Skoda Yeti CR170 (so EDC17 ECU).



Through OBD

Tools prepared to use:

The plan was to use ODIS-E with a clone VAS5054A to reprogram over OBD, with the original image sourced from the 2013 Skoda flash disc.

Run into any difficulties with this approach?

Questions and Answers of using ODIS-E to reverse dieselgate update:

Q: Does the recall introduce any additional protection that may cause problems if an older version of ODIS-E is used?

A: yes you can downgrade it with odis e, done it many times.

they will never do it properly without major hardware modifications, if they could, whey would do it in production, they are not stupid, they knew what they were doing, whole CR engine range was done that way from stratch

Q: Do the dealers record a flash count on these or do they only use the checksums to detect a reflash? Just wondering if reverting to dieselgate before any dealer visit will keep my warranty intact.

A:yes it will keep it intact because CVN is still valid in old software, al long as software is original. invalid CVN is what gives you TD1 mark and voids warranty (can be recalculated for mod files, but prices are way too big, 600e).

make sure to turn off version control in odis-e in order to be able to flash older sw version

Q: On some VAG 1.6 tdi cr , in diesel gate update, also hardware nr is changed after update .

Is it also possible then to flash back to older version by Odis E ?

Because when the newer hardware number is stored in ecu, Odis E will not find an older software version for the new hardware number.

A:have to go into setting and click option to go backwards





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