How to program keyless Nissan pathfinder by obdstar F102 and SKP900?



Here procedure for adding a new remote keyless for Nissan pathfinder 2006 year.

Tools option:

Option 1: obdstar F102 can calculated pin, and program keyless.

Option 2: obdstar F102 can calculate pin for this model and need Superobd SKP900 to program.

Step – by -step procedure:

  1. CLOSE all doors.
  1. LOCK doors using the power LOCK button on the door.
  1. Insert key into ignition and remove it 6 times within 10 seconds.

NOTE: Make sure the key is fully removed each time. Timing is also very important during this step.

  1. Insert key and turn to the ACC position within 5 seconds and press the remote control button ONCE only, the hazards lights will flash.
  1. For additional remotes, UNLOCK then LOCK the car using the power switch on the door.
  1. Within 5 seconds press the additional remote ONCE only, the hazards will flash.

Repeat step 5 & 6 for each additional remote controls.

  1. End procedure with ignition OFF.



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