How to program keyless Nissan pathfinder by obdstar F102 and SKP900?
SKP900 Key Programmer / 07/06/2017

Here procedure for adding a new remote keyless for Nissan pathfinder 2006 year. Tools option: Option 1: obdstar F102 can calculated pin, and program keyless. Option 2: obdstar F102 can calculate pin for this model and need Superobd SKP900 to program. Step – by -step procedure: CLOSE all doors. LOCK doors using the power LOCK button on the door. Insert key into ignition and remove it 6 times within 10 seconds. NOTE: Make sure the key is fully removed each time. Timing is also very important during this step. Insert key and turn to the ACC position within 5 seconds and press the remote control button ONCE only, the hazards lights will flash. For additional remotes, UNLOCK then LOCK the car using the power switch on the door. Within 5 seconds press the additional remote ONCE only, the hazards will flash. Repeat step 5 & 6 for each additional remote controls. End procedure with ignition OFF.    

Superobd SKP-900 V5.0 update -160 Toyota models works
SKP900 Key Programmer / 06/06/2017

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