How to install Xprog 5.74 and free download xprog 5.74 on Mega



2017 Xprog 5.74 software download for free, with how-to’s of xprog-m 5.70 installation for beginners.

– free download xprog 5.74 on Mega:!vUknWAaZ!VwXXnaREXg4oRFRUYkvmPpkdEyj6ILX4hiEL3obYhMg!PQUzGAKI!LuBfkREVI9vnjPtPKlhdjbv6welC8GkHoZM4Bm9wois

– xprog user guide: how to install xprog 5.7.4 software:

Unzip the XProg contents to a folder on your desktop.

Open the folder AVRDUDESS and run avrdudess.exe program.

The following procedure will flash the version 5.5.5 firmware on your Xprog device.

Select your programmer.

Click on “Detect” at the top right corner. It will detect a ATMEGA64.

Select your flash file which is in the Firmware folder.

Select your EEPROM file which is in the Firmware folder.

Enable the “Erase flash and EEPROM (-e)” option.

Set the following in the “Fuses & lock bits”

L : 0x2F

H : 0xCA

E : 0xFF

LB : 0x3C

and enable the “Set fuses” and “Set lock” options.

Finally click on “Program!” and wait till it finishes and verify all the data are flashed correctly.

If not then try again.

Now that the Xprog has the 5.5.5 version firmware,

go to the “XprogDesktop” folder and run “XprogDesktop.exe” file.

Click on “Help->Hardware info…” and once it opens it will ask to upgrage the firmware.

If not, then click on the “Upgrade” button. Once this procedure is finished

you can try and read a processor. It will ask for a certificate. If it fails try again.

When it is finished the Xprog will run the latest firmware and you will be able to work

with the latest 5.7.4 software.

This is not a completely tested solution and you try the above steps with your own responsibility.

I bring no responsibility if you brick your own Xprog programmer.

If you wanna use the newest xprog for safety, I suggest you to use Xprog 5.70– this is the latest version tested by professionals and confirmed working without any issue!

Photo’s of xprog m 5.7.0 installation process


Xprog 5.70 read & write mcu



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