XPROG V5.60 China clone Review and Modification methods


X-PROG Box ECU Programmer XPROG V5.60 with USB Dongle

1.Language: English
2.Newest Version V5.60
3.Operating system:  windows xp 32bit or windows 7 64 bit
4.XPROG-M 5.60 can decypte new version for BM CAS4.
5.USB Dongle, more convenient and secure.
6.Add new authorization: AUTH-0025 Authorized 11/4/2014

There must be two hard disk divisions at least, can’t work if it’s only one in the computer.( Can not be working with virtual harddisk)

Purchase & Installation:

I bought a xprog v5.60 China clone last month. Very satisfied!!! Only works on Win7x64. At Win7x32 could not see driver. Without the dongle does not work – USB flash drive does not lose !!! Do not connect the dongle with the active antivirals. Disables Netwrok connection NECESSARY !!! Old software from previous versions should be removed and clean the registry! Use your sopftware from the package only, without the Internet, without antivirals. DO NOT TRY TO UPDATE !!!!!
If all this is to comply with the cheater is very cool and powerful and for the money and more free.
Here referring –




The programmer is excellent but needs a little revision:
First, remove the casing and cut out of it in the hole cutters jumper under DIP8 EEPROM holder.
Then, instead of a standard collet holder soldered inserted one in a normal universal holders DIP8 4 pcs. We hold them together with hot melt. Then all will be inserted as an adapter must. Otherwise PLS from various adapters eeprom is not a standard connector.


Standard collet me

this how to do it: take a bite sharp side cutters here jumper

Then we clean the dremel engraver.

We should be placed in a row 4 chip holder with a normal capture, and soldered them to the board are held together with hot melt. Putting housing and the programmer is ready to go!

picture guides:


Test Work and Review:

Managed. Works good. We were pleased with seller support – even after a month after the closed order called and asked if everything works fine, no complaints there. The device works! Eeprom read, read a couple of processors. Open larger than xprog v5.55. My first test was a bmw x5 – ews3 reading on the table. I read Motorola eeprom bunch already. Not complaining.


Versions are important. In each version of the new processor and chips are added. A license is now fully open to Chinese and always on the original. On the Chinese accurately at all! Naprier in 5.45 is much less processors than 5.55 at xProg M box. And how much I did not test different devices – everything is always open license.  I checked my xprog eeprom reads percent reading is stable. It is not easier just to buy xProg Box original with all open licenses, it is known that all mikruhi board and soldering quality will be original! I think it will be cheaper than to buy more licenses. China has equipped its extension com-port and this port is programmable. Stable. But the external power supply is necessary in this connection.


Now for the registration of Chinese clone …. Here the pancake procedure I would wanted to see with my own eyes! I am happy!!! Good machine! Its just worth the money!

The only thing – do not try to update, and be sure to disable Anti-virus not to kill USB-dongle.

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