Which OBDII Tool is best for Odometer Correction ?


Following is a question asked by one of autocardiag.com customers

“I’m looking for a costive but great obd2 tool for Odometer Correction,what’s the best suggetion ? And will you ship to Italy ? How long it will take ? Thanks ! ”

For Odometer Correction Tool, I belive,most users will give this first answer to V4.94 Digiprog III DP3. Yeah, for the time being, Digipro III is the most cost-effective mileage correction tool, which supports multi-languages and full range or vehicle and has been tested by many users,and has many good feedbacks. And Digipro 3 will do a good job on BMW Series cars as well,see the supported list

Bentley Continental GT 2003 / Diagnostic

Bentley Continetal Program Via Chip
BMW 3 Series E46 2000 35080 Chip Programming Via chip
BMW 3 Series E46 Bosch 35080 Programming via chip
BMW 3er / Compact / Z3 Cluster-Diagnosis
BMW 3er / Compact / Z3 up 98 Cluster-Diagnosis
BMW 3er / E36 Diagnosis
BMW 3er / E36 Modell 99 Cluster-Diagnosis
BMW 3er / E46 1999/2000 Diagnostic
BMW 3er / E46 Lightmodule HC11 Programming via Chip
BMW 5er / E34 Programming via Chip
BMW 5er / E39 up 05/99 Programming via Chip
BMW 5er / E39 with BC to 04/99 Diagnosis
BMW 5er / E39 without BC to 04/99 Diagnosis
BMW 7er / E32 Programming via Chip
BMW 7er / E38 (SW 12/13) up 05/99 Cluster-Diagnosis
BMW 7er / E38 (SW 14) up 05/99 Programming via Chip
BMW 7er / E38 to 04/99 Diagnosis
BMW 7er up 10/01 Only in our Office / In progress
BMW 8er / E31 Diagnosis
BMW All CAS Units Send to office
BMW E39 LCM Diagnostic
BMW E39 Light Module All models Diagnostic
BMW E46 2001/ Light Module HC12 Diagnostic
BMW E46 2003/ Light Module HC12S Diagnostic
BMW E46 LCM Diagnostic
BMW E50 5 Series 2004 Diagnostic
BMW E60 & E65 E90 2004 2007 CAS Diagnostic
BMW F650GS Programming Via Chip
BMW Key Module & LCM all models Progarmming Via EWS
BMW Still R70 Programming Via Chip
BMW X3 Programming Via Chip & EWS LCM Diag
BMW X3 LCM Diagnostic
BMW X5 (SW 14 High) Programming via Chip
BMW X5 EWS & Key Programming Via EWS
BMW X5 LCM Diagnostic
BMW X5 Light module Diagnostic
BMW X5 Light module HS12 Diagnostic
BMW Z4 Programming Via Chip
BMW Z8 Programming via Chip

V4.94 Digiprog3 Full Set Cable

Except Digipro 3 ,here i will also recommend other multi-function obd2 tool,that’s FVDI V2015 as well. Maybe as you know, 2015v FVDI Full Version can do Diagnose + Odometer Correction+ Key Programmer + ECU Programmer and 2015 FVDI ABRITES Commander With 18 activated software to support multi cars,included BMW,like for B-MW CAS3, encrypted CAS3+ mileage recalibration. And this tool is cheap affordable too.

FVDI V2015

So,if you are looking for a tool that specially for Odometer Correction functions, then buy Digiprog III DP3 will be your choice. But if you are looking for a multi-function tool at a cheap affordable price,then you can buy FVDI v2015. To be honest,both of these two tools are great and have been confirmed for many times with a good reputation.

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