How to use SKP1000 Program Suzuki S-Cross Key

SKP1000 tablet auto key programmer Program Suzuki S-Cross Key user manual form Suzuki Key information: Original key: 3-button smart key Chip type: 46 chip Frequency: 315MHz Pin code: required Device to program: SKP 1000 tablet auto key programmer Guide: Step 1.Get Pin Code To get pin code, you need ID code and VIN. To read ID code, you need to switch ignition to turn on the dashboard. But all keys have lost, so cannot turn on dash. Here’s a way: Connect IG1 SIG 7.5A on the immo box (located on the left of the driver side) to a 12V power supply to enable/force dash indicators turn on You can read ID code when dash lights turn on Check out 8-digit pin code according to ID code and VIN Step 2: Program Key Follow SKP1000 prompt to enter pin code program All keys will be deleted, press YES to continue programming Stick smart key to Start button but not start engine (If start the engine, dash indicator will go off. In this case, you can follow method above to power it on again) Program key success.   ============================ Skype:AutoDiag Whatsapp:86-13667154167 Website : ============================