RE:MB Star C4 Diagnostic Connect C4 For Benz Cars and Trucks
MB Star / 03/08/2017

MB Star C4 Connect with xentry software for Mercedes benz car and trucks diagnostics and programming. One of customer have order single SD Connect C4 mux hardware without xentry diagnostics software and laptop, work with the 2017.05 Xentry Mercedes diagnostic software working well. Below share SD Connect C4 review. MB Star C4 Review on Forum: Mention Star Diagnosis sds C4 mux, it seems that there’s a lot of different manufacturers and quality levels of multiplexer clones. Here’s the one I went with, however I didn’t bother with the HDD/software they included or a dell D630 laptop. I have a background in computers, so I set myself up a vmware virtual machine and installed all the software with the (occasionally somewhat difficult to follow) information on mhhauto. I have heard of people having problems using VMware, but I didn’t experience any myself. As for the hardware itself, mine is of decent quality sd connect c4 from . I have no real complaints with it other than it losing it’s WiFi configuration once drained of battery (which happens quickly, but it’s not really an issue since it draws power from OBD when connected), but I prefer using a cable connection anyway….

Why not buy a new MB star C3 Pro with software HDD ?
MB Star / 01/08/2017

New MB star C3 Pro with software HDD MB star C3 Multiplexer Mercedes Star Diagnostic Description It can support voltage 12-24V for truck and cars.This Mb star C3 main unit is stable for your cars and trucks,dark grey color ,also stable for your use.Best choice for broken C3 main unit replacement. Top Reasons to buy New MB Star C3 Pro without Software HDD 1.Realizes all the functions of official factory BENZ Star2000:reading out and erasing trouble code; reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator; coding and programming. 2.Multi-Language Supported. 3.Supports 1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart 4.MB Star C3 can do Benz 12V cars also 24V trucks. 5.Fit all computers. 6.Best quality,Best choice for broken C3 main unit replacement 7.All electric system Diagnostic   MB Star C3 Multiplexer Without HDD Package lncluding: 1 x MULTIPLEXER 1 x User Guide    MB Star C3 Replacement Main Unit Handchecking