Car ECU chip tuning tools for DIY Users
Car ECU Programmer / 26/05/2017

Car ECU chip tuning tools for DIY Users As is known to us, doing ECU chip tuning work for our cars is very important, which will keep your car running in a good condition. But adversely, we often have excuse to forget doing the ECU work. You may say that I don’t have time to take my car to technician. If so, why not do it yourself, what you need is just an ECU chip tuning tool. There are quite a few ECU chip tuning tool on the market, which one is suitable for fresh DIY users? Here, I am going to introduce two kinds of them. The first one I want to recommend is K-TAG Programming tool, which is entirely around the needs of our customers to be more responsive and reliable. K-TAG works in perfect harmony. Learn how to use it takes almost no time because all the communication protocols operate along similar principles. Once you have learned to use a protocol, you will naturally use all the others. Unlike many ECU programming tools, with K-TAG you have at your disposal the applications really need. Once you have the hardware, you can choose which group of protocols to…

How to install FGTECH galletto v54 on both XP and win7
Car ECU Programmer / 24/05/2017

Here are step-by-step procedure on how to install FGTECH galletto v54 on both XP and win7. Install sw to default place c:\fgtech Plug galletto v54 to usb port. Go to device manager and uninstall actual driver of fgtech. Unplug fgtech from usb and plug it again. Install drivers provided into c:\fgtech folder. This is very important, older drivers won’t work, Make usbfix with same file FG as used with v53. Try to open sw, if your computer is xp run eobd.exe not eobd2.exe If win7 run eobd2s.exe. FGTECH V54 Introduction: Model name:FGTech Galletto Firmware Version:V54 Software Version:V4 Car Models:For Multi-cars Languages:English/Italian/German/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Czech/Turkish Functions:ECU Programmer Connection:By OBD2. Computer requirements:XP ONLY The above installation procedure applies to following fgtech galletto PC board: V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master for car and truck: Best quality V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 ==================================