How to use SBB v46.02 to register the nissan Note 2007 chip?


SBB V46.02 Key Programmer Introduction

SBB V46.02 is the new generation of SBB Key Programmer tool,with improved features and function,like more newer car list supported,upgradable firmware and so on. New SBB V46.02 can programm multi brands car keys in immobilizer (Due to its integrated hardware and full database Software containing all the most important vehicle makes .),and support new cars like Ford 2010 and Hummer,Chevrolet 2013 and so on.

This is a Nissan Note 2007 (automatic, right wheel, Intelligent Key). There is a working key, customer need to add chip key startup.


(Note: The tutorial is translated from Russian, for educational purpose only)


Diagnostic device ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface , when selecting (Nissan Note 2006+) requires a 12-digit PIN code, which is presumably considered for label located behind the glove compartment (glove box).

But the car has a sticker, so the chip should be registered with the device SBB Key Programmer.

How to calculate PIN code for registration key / chip in the car?

PIN will be assumed by the label BCM, with the help of the program AD600 Code Wizard Pro (Demo the Version) , which can be downloaded at this  link. Or by hand-held Nissan Pin code reader NSPC001.

To perform this procedure, you’ll need:

  • Net HITAG 2 transponder – PCF7936.
  • Wires (jumpers), for supplying power to the ignition contacts.

How to register the vehicle key / chip on Nissan Note using SBB Key Programmer?

1. Insert the device connector SBB v46.02 in OBDII vehicle.

2. The instrument select NISSAN JAPANthe MICRA MARCH 00-Gasoline

3. Then Insert a key and turn on the console – Insert the key into the lock, and turn the ignition switch on.

4. The instrument choose NATS 5the PROG. NEW KEYS.

5. Without the PIN CODE you CAN not program new keys – Without a PIN, you can not program the new keys.

6. Enter the 4-digit PIN number, counted on the label BCM.

7. Insert keys to be programmed in sequence and turn them on and off for 5 sec respectively. In the end start the engine for some sec. Press any key … Press – Insert the key to be programmed in sequence, one after the other, on and off the ignition for 5 seconds. After the end of the programming start the engine.

8. Once the button is pressed all quickly, without errors:

  • LED standard signaling, in the right corner at the windshield starts to blink.
  • Turning off the ignition, take out a sting from the ignition.
  • We put a thorn in the ignition, turn the ignition.
  • Turning off the ignition, take out a sting from the ignition.
  • Place the transponder antenna on the ignition.
  • Provide the + 12V on wire and KEY IN KEY PUSH (red-blue and red and white, respectively).
  • Turning on the ignition by supply of + 12V to the corresponding contacts ignition.
  • Turn off the ignition.
  • We start the engine.




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