Ford diagnostic tool which one best?


Ford diagnostic tool UK, which one? Here is a Ford diagnostic tool buying guide, which may help make a wiser decision on Ford scan tool.

Ford diagnostic tool cost:less than $300

Top 3 Ford scan tool:

Ford vcm 2

Vxdiag vcx nano Ford/Mazda

Vcm IDS 3

Ford vcm 2 clone: Most populous Ford diagnostic tool 

China vcm2 price: around $85 – $200

(the price mainly differs from quality and factory)

Vcm2 clone for sale:

Ford vcm2

Vcm2 for Ford & Mazda 2 in 1


Vxdiag vcx nano for Ford/Mazda: Cheaper but works as a vcm2

Vxdiag vcx nano Ford/Mazda diagnostic tool is the redesign of vcm2, as functional as vcm2 but Vxdiag vcx nano usually is much more cheaper.

Vxdiag vcx nano Ford/Mazda price: less than $100

Vxdiag nano Ford/Mazda for sale:

FLY VCM IDS 3: Newest & Update most frequently

VCM IDS 3 is the newest Ford/Mazda scan tool released at 2017, with the latest IDS software download Ford IDS 105 Mazda IDS 104, sw usually newer than vcm2

VCM IDS 3 price: $297

VCM IDS 3 for sale:


Newest Ford diagnostic software download free

Ford IDS 105.02A download free:!11JGnbRb!2LRQa2YEyCdMmCg0-je7cg_7FnA4Nf7RK-L8eTb3hfE

Mazda IDS 105.02 download link 1:!whIWjSaY!8M31_oba8t-OZuKT_zkMDGcRQJyiWU7R9jKU7wzicEg

Mazda IDS 105.02 download link 2:!oIIlBY4C!2jsGXvGDZqx2YOCKNoMwv8L2eE_AzChDSpF-RNVbKXY

Note: not sure of the security and anyone should try it at your own risk!

Ford diagnostic tool review

VCM II is more stable and good clone.

Full chip high quality VCM II. But be careful programming!

VCMII is just slightly more expensive then VXDIAG nano.
As far as I know, it’s hard to find a good independent workshop there. There’s a few in RJ though

VCX nano is a VCM emulator. You can not use use it for anything else. But you you use VCM II for Pass Thru for Xentry, HDS, TIS, GS2, JLR, Volvo, Nissan Consult and numerous other. Right people can flash it Maserati/Ferrari.

VCM II is the right choice, if you buy a good clone with a good serial.SP177 should be OK. I can confirm this. Good pcb.


In summary,

All Ford diagnostic tools above all share the same IDS software and functions. All work no issues in obdii diagnostic, key programming, ecu programming/reprogramming. But clearly, they are different from the software version, firmware quality, stability and speed… the PRICE tells. You will get what you pay for. And yes, you need LUCK with items from China.



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