FGTech 0475 Galletto V54 For BMW X5 E70 EDC16C35 100% Working Feedbacks !


Newest FGTech FW0475 ECU Programmer is the cheapest but effective and professional ECU Flash Tool For for all cars , trucks , motorcycles,Marine,BDM MPCxx,BDM Boot Mode,checksum.FGTECH FW0475 ECU Progreammer can commuciate via OBD II and BDM. And today,this article will share a step by steps guide on how to use Newest FGTech V54 0475 to write BMW X5 E70 EDC16C35 via OBD ,which has been tested,100% workable.

Prepared Things

1. A workable FGTech 0475 Galletto V54 like this one : FGTech 0475 Galletto V54 Europe Version

2.Assure your car battery is ok,you must have over 12v steady volts to write.

Step by steps Guide on How to Write BMW X5 E70 EDC16C35 with Fgtech 0475 Master

Step 1.Connect Fgtech V54 Master directly to car OBD port,then connect it to laptop via USB Cable.

FGTech FW0475

fgtech 0475

fgtech 0475 reviews

Step 2 : Connect car with external power supply over 12v.make sure your car battery is ok,you must have over 12v steady volts to write .

Step 3 : Turn ignition on

FGTech 0475 Master

Step 4 : open FGTech Galletto 4 V0474 software,then you will enter fgtech main menu, Click “Writting file” to start ECU Writting

FGTech FW0475 For BMW
Step 5 : when the writting process to 100%,turn off the dashboard and wait 10 seconds

FGTECH Galletto 0475

Step 6 : turn on dashboard again and ecu writting all steps complete.

And as we have talked above, the Fgtech Galletto 0475 can work for multi vehicles ,see the tested working list below

fgtech fw0475 eu

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