How to install Carprog full 8.21 online version?
Carprog / 20/06/2017

How to install Carprog 8.21 online version? Part 1 – Carprog 8.21 activation & installation Establish a new folder named “8.21” on Desktop Copy all the files in carprog 8.21 DVD disk (E:) to the new folder “8.21” on Desktop   Open “Carprog v8.21” application Send the hardware ID to the dealer to get the activation code   Run Carprog 8.21 interface automatically, then close it   Part 2 – Carprog v8.21 read EEPROM M35080 Automatically installing device driver software… Reading device info… Select EEPROM-> 93C 24C 95x v2.6 Click on the tool icon Select M35-> 35080-> read/ verify, then click OK   Click the fourth icon on the top icon column for initialization Initializing… Reading… Verifying… Verify ok     Done! Ps: Carprog V9.31 no need activation. If you need to update your carprog full v4,v5,v6.8 or v7.28 to V8.21 online version,you can buy the V8.21 carprog main unit without buying the full 21 adapters.   ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 ==================================