SKP1000 Program 2015 Renault Koleos Smart card User Guide


SKP1000 Program 2015 Renault Koleos Smart card User Guide

Renault SKP1000 Program 2015 Renault Koleos Smart card

Guide to program Renault Koleos 2015 year smart card to enable one-button Start Stop feature by using SKP1000 key programmer via OBD.

SKP1000 key programmer will do

(Note: The tutorial was provide by a Chinese engineer on a locksmith forum using SKP1000 Chinese version Lonsdor CI600 Plus key programmer)

There is no single device that will read Renault pin code by OBD, can only read data by removing the BCM and then to calculate the security pin code.

Step 1: Remove BCM

using SKP1000 key programmer

SKP1000 key programmer is able to program more than 3 smart cards

SKP1000 Car Key Programmer Functions

Remove BCM under the dash

Step 2: Disamble BCM

, find out and locate CPU 0M23S

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Step 3: Read CPU data
In Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer, select Immobilizer->Renault BCM-XDT384- 1L15Y is the same as 0M23S

SKP1000 Key Programmer PCB layouts

Follow VVDI prog wiring diagram to connect

auto key programmer SKP1000 PCB

2017 NEW SKP1000 auto key programmer

Newest 2017 SKP1000 Tablet Key pro claims to replace Superobd SKP900

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Save data

SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer Firmware Update Procedure

SKP1000 tablet Car Key Programmer Functions

Step 5:  Calculate pin code

Send the BCM data to our engineer or Lonsdor factory engineer to calculate pin code within several minutes.

Here is the pin code for this car: 33EB 2FE6 78CD

Step 6: Smart Card Learning

Do smart card as well original smart card learning by SKP-1000 key programmer





Select Renault->By Vehicle->Koleos->Immobilizer system


China OBD scanner wholesale on SKP1000

Choose OBDII connector

Press on the Start button

Press YES to continue

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Select Program Smart card

Open the door on the driver side

SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer

Manually enter security code calculated by engineer, and confirm



Insert the smart card to be programmed

Press YES to continue

our skp1000 will perfectly replace it from now on

skp1000 renault koleos smart card


Program success

Continue to program next key?

Press YES to continue

skp1000 renault koleos

Insert the next smart key to be programmed

Follow procedure above

Until Program success.



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