How to use Launch CRP Touch Pro diagnose Ford Focus


Launch CRP Touch Pro diagnose Ford Focus user guide :

I have a 2002 Ford Focus, it has rough Idle problems, and I am going to use Launch CRP Touch Pro to diagnose the problem and show its practical actuation.

Launch CRP Touch Pro diagnose Ford Focus

Let’s go to see some features we have.

It also has some pad buttons, it is very easy to use with the touch screen which is very incredible quick responsive to move.
 This is for Ford here.
On this screen, we can do Automatically search, manually select, manually reset service and F-650 / F-750 Test specification
I always find the vehicle by automatically search, which is quick than manually search.
And it’s asking for the VIN number.
Read out faults: GEM (Generic Electronic Module) and RCM (Restraint Control Module).
As you can see, we have many systems to read state. And we are going to Powertrain Control Module, and asking Turbo charge = Not equipped.
As you can see, we can read fault codes, there is actually no fault codes because the check engine light isn’t on.
Let’s going to do some more challenging because we don’t have code direction. you can see it can clear the codes, read the data stream.
Let’s go to the data stream, and if you watch this previous video, I am hoping this thing how quickly and responsive compare with other tools.
As you can see we do have hundreds of parameters available here.

Let’s look at this “Throttle Position” and “Intake Air Temperature” and “Fuel Rail Pressure”, it is very responsive.
Very important feature here is graphing, all the graphing display in the same page. Here you could click the graph
to see clearly, it is kind of nice.

If you can’t understand the meaning, you could click the lower button to check it.

What I want to mention is to choose the below button to google for whatever, so really kind of nice feature.
So start the car, and I can tell it does has rough Idle problem for sure. So what I want to do is go back and read fault code.
There is no fault codes here.
So let’s go to read data stream “Engine misfire currently detected”
Go to confirm the definite problem one by one…
Finally, choose “Engine Revolutions Per Minute” and “Fuel Rail Pressure”, as you can see, definitely not fuel pump problem.

All right, Launch CRP Touch Pro does meet the minimum criteria for the future’s require to do the types of diagnostics.

so it is really really good consideration if you want to do some diagnostic. I’ll say it is very responsive, very good communication.

And in my impression, Launch is very good Company, I have to say you could also get some support what happened issues.


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