AK500+ vs AK500 Pro Mercedes Benz Key Programmer , Which Better ?


Both AK500+ and AK500 Pro are popular Mercedes Benz Key Programmer. Then Buy AK500+ with SKC Calculator or buy Mercedes AK500 Pro,which better ?

Given to this problem,today, AUTOCARDIAG.com official blog will make a comparison between these two key programmers to help users better pick up right tool for Mercedes Benz cars.

About AK500+

AK500+ Key Programmer with EIS SKC Calculator and can support most Benz before year 2009.

AK500 Plus Key Programmer for BENZ,with Powerful Motorola MCU Programming Function

About AK500 Pro Super Mercedes Benz Key Programmer

AK500 Pro is a powerful and professional key programmer for Mercedes Benz.As you maybe known,currently,Mercedes AK500 Pro is also the only machine in the world that have KEY-LESS go writing function and Support calculating key only need EIS data,no need to remove ESL/ESM/ECU and an supports Mercedes Benz cars to 2011.


AK500Pro is the most advanced Benz programmer in the world now

Mercedes Benz Key Programmer AK500+ VS AK500 Pro

The Commons :

1.Professional key programmers for Mercedes Benz.
2.Computer system requires: XP system
3.Need to close anti-virus on computer before using.
4. Updated by CD/Email

The Different :

1.Used different PCB,see pix show

2There is no 8-pin EEPROM adapter holder in AK500+ with SKC, it only needs to read out EIS data and send the data to SKC calculator to calculate so as to copy new keys,so Need to remove ESL/ESM/ECU to synchronize data Support calculating key; while AK500 Pro has 8-pin EEPROM adapter holder to help read and write ESM data and to add new keys, easier to test EIS and make keys and doesnt need to remove


3.AK500+ No Benz original factory key calculator ,while the AK500 Pro With Benz original factory key calculator.

4.AK500 Pro supports more car models than AK500+.AK500+ with SKC supports Mercedes Benz from 1998 to 2005, while AK500 Pro supports for all Mercedes Benz from 1998 to 2011.

5.AK500 Pro Key Programmer Support infrared write old model big key (Motorola CPU),while the AK500+ doesnt.

6.Mercedes Benz AK500 Pro Key Programmer with powerful features that AK500 cant compare to,see below

1.) Support EGS which is 722.9 type of gearbox computer.

2.)Support programming key for W203/W211 with ECU flash 29F400 and 29F800.

3.)Support Benz read and write “Key-less go” Key,currently it the world’s first machine to realize this function.

4.)Support ESL fast unlocks no need 32G database.

5.)Support SBC computer reset,support through OBD read and write SBC EEPROM.

7. AK500+ Price is cheaper than AK500 Pro.

Just as we have seen, both AK500+ with SKC calculator and AK500 pro are appealling key programmer for Mercedes Benz cars and if you have to make a comparison between these two tools,then i will strongly recommend you buy AK100 Pro,after all,the function are powerful,though the price is a little expensive,yet,it was worthy the value and will never fail to you. If you though the price is expensive,then you can buy AK500+,it is popular in the marketplace as well and will give you a great experience and the price is cheap affordable.




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