Xtool x100 pad v2.4.0 c60.apk Free download

Xtool x100 pad v2.4.0 c60.apk free download link and Xtool X100 pad update procedure.   Xtool x100 pad_v2.4.0_c60.apk free download link: https://mega.nz/#!0do3iRKa!Rg5BwyUviuQBu_4eWKAqwBoYi7UcmN_RuSOymRFtgDc   Xtool x100pad_v2.4.0 update procedure: Enable the wireless WIFI network connection or plug the USB into the computer and Xtool X100 pad. Send the APK application (Download above) to the X100 PAD machine. Open “x100pad_v2.4.0_c60.apk” and click UPDATE.   X100 pad one-click update:   X100 pad update tip: If you got error to activate Xtool X100 pad “please wait…”, try to update X100 PAD to the newest version with “x100pad_v2.4.0_c60.apk”.   ================================== 24hour Online Customer Service: E-mail:autocardiag@gmail.com Skype:Marshall.obd2 Whatsapp:86-13476108995 http://www.autocardiag.com ==================================