How to Fix KESS 5.017 KTAG 7.020 Installation Greyed Out Problems


Following is a question asked by one of customers

“Today,Received my Red kess 5.017 + KTAG 7.020 from,i cant wait to give it a shot,but help zip file on both cds says corrupt.Installed 2.23 software, but does not work. All items greyed out.What’s wrong ? Pls help asap,thanks ! “

And following is my answer with fixing method.

First,pls trust,all KESS 5.017,KTAG 7.020 With GPT Cable at were top quality and will 100% workable and our products have been tested by many tuners with a good reputation.So,if you happed to meet the KESS,KTAG Installation corrupt problems unfortunately,pls dont worry, the problem mainly was resulted from wrong operation and you can follow below steps to fix your problems.

Step 1 : Pls clean your computer first,uninstall all old and before installed kess,Kag software

Step 2 : Re-start your computer

Step 3 : Put CD in , and install it without internet, (some customer install is gray,because the pc ip is locked,by original , maybe you used original tools on it before,or maybe you update kess/ltag before…..)

Step 4 : Connect with kess,ktag.
Note : kess and ktag cannot install in 1 computer

Step 5 : Just Follow the system guide to process operation,then your problem will be fixed.

Please try it,any problem,please feel free to contact us!

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Red KESS 5.017 + KTAG V7.020

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